Website Design

Instrumental in the evolution of the Alpha Delta Pi website during major company rebrand and reorganization. Original website (top left) was upgraded during rebrand into (top right) version. Not stopping there the website was then latter split into a public side and private member only web application (bottom right).


My web design experience goes even beyond my current employment as I have picked up other clients as well with the architecture firm Jericho Design Group (bottom left).

Grand Convention 2019

Lead the development of the 2019 registration forms for Grand Convention 2019; a major event for the Alpha Delta Pi sorority where executive decisions are voted on and high level volunteers are elected to office.

The 2019 version of registration included many advanced features including an automatic affidavit process to identify which users are potential voting delegates. Was developed to guide users down very specific and defined tracks to handle voting delegates, non-voting

delegates, part-time voting delegates, part-time non-voting delegates, and finally guests.

Also developed for the event was a Volunteer sign-up for attendees. Positions where developed to automatically close after a certain number of sign-ups while also letting attendees cancel their volunteer position.

Week of Service 2019

Heading 2

Developed the Week of Service event management application where Alumnae can create Events that will display on the page above. Once the event is created Alumnae can click the Register button to RSVP themselves or even their family for the volunteer opportunity. The Alumnae that set-up the event can also see a custom report of all of their attendees that included further event management features.

Project: Diamond Mining

Lead the design and development of a new recruitment tool for chapters that will launch Fall 2020. This web application will replace chapter recruitment officers having to rely solely on email receipts to view any Potential Member Recommendations or Legacy Introductions submitted from the Alpha Delta Pi website. 

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